Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer footwear

                                              Cristina Minguez Lucas:
Sandals 8 euro's from Bershkawhich I found out is  owned by Inditex Official website the same company that owns Zara. I had never heard of them , well the saying is true ' you learn something new everyday' !

Top Hand me down, Pants Zara, Bag H&M, Deck shoes Urban Outfitters

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Marta Cominelli; From Milan. Top Primark, The rest from boutiques in Milan. She said  "if your a stylish man you have got to go there"

Bus stop Chic

Bus stop Chic

Carolina del Castillo; from Spain 

Fay; Dress from a junk shop in Paris.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Retro couple:
On the left ; Jump suit from Dirty Harry's, Shoes To be worn again.
Other retro finds

Tori: Blazer H&M I think, T-shirt Topshop, Pants Urban Outfitters . Scarf  stole from her Granny, Bag also stolen fom her other Granny. She said  she doesn't just steal of one Granny she steals off them both. Good work!! Keep it up, its a great way to accessorize, and a cheap way to complete a outfit also adding a bit off Granny chic. I shouldn't promote stealing but have to love it in this case!

Tori is taking a year out. She has just finished her A-Levels at Bhasvic College Brighton. She is currently a lady of leisure. She is funding her style by stealing off her Grannies! She wants to be a stylist, I think she will go far. Love the outfit! What do you think ?

H&M Jacket, Guns & Roses T-shirt, Topshop jeans.
This lady shows that you can wear high street clothes and still stand out from the crowd! Teaming up two of the major high street player's with a retro Guns & Roses T-shirt, which revives the punk look of the 80's .

All her clothes are from the charity shop's.
She wondered why I had stopped her, then realised it was a compliment!
She also asked me if I was the The Sartorialist .
Which made me laugh, I wish!

Student chic!! 
Like the double breasted jacket worn in a casual way. 
I did not get a chance to ask him where he had purchased the jacket from, as he was on the phone. I quickly asked him could I take the photo and he kindly let me. I am glad he just keep doing what he was doing, then I feel I have captured him in action, not posing !!

Friday, 17 June 2011

Was just checking his tie was correctly in place. Very 1950's school teacher. I was a supporting actor on a period drama which was on channel 4. He looks like he has step right out of the costume department!! Just making sure he looks ok before he goes on set.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Matt; Barbour jacket new from Crawley charity shop £6. What a find! Shoes £4 from a charity shop they've lasted him ages. Everybody used to say to him why are you wearing dolly shoes, now there all the rage. Accidentally fashionable . But does it for practicality. The traditional English country gent look  bar the shades.

Love how ironic this is cigarette in hand, no smoking sign in the background!

Feet shot's

I never seen this shade of brogues before. Really feeling them!!

Interesting boots!

Dress from Camden market, Bag from Primark. Rest of her items she picked up around Camden

Reminds me of a Dutch maid!

She looks like a subject Johan Vermeer  would have painted . Also she is in a shade of his preference cornflower blue .


Really childish but had to be done!

I don't mean this about the guy below!

On The Street In Camden

Love the Trench coat and the umbrella, another typical English summer. I only noticed after I took the shot you can see the Island records sign in the top right.

When I was out last week I noticed these in between each segment of railings. I was going to put them up but thought it would be better if I had something to relate them too, or find a person in the same position. Last night I was looking on Vogues website at Yves Saint Laurent Ready to wear Autumn/Winter 2010-11 and noticed a uncanny resemblance between the castings and the Yves Saint Laurent chains. Now I  know where Stefano Pilati draws his inspiration from.

Sorry for the poor quality shot's I could not find a close up, so had to take a picture of the screen. Terrible I know.

Friday, 10 June 2011


Poupee-Sapphira: My friend spotted this young vintage lady after leaving my house for work. She came running back saying she had stopped a girl and I had to take a photo of her. So ran out in my scruff's. I said to my friend she better be good and she was. She's a fashion designer from Shoreham check out some of her stuff . Don't think this is the greastest photo but her outfit is amazing.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

The best shot off the day! 
Babour-esk Quilted jacket from Urban Outfitters.
Skirt and blouse both H&M


Lovely bubbly! You can tell by her smile, an her style!
Bringing the colours of summer flowers to the street.
All her clothes are second hand and cheap. Good finds!

Clothes! Didn't ask!
Think his girl was pissed she didn't get asked. She said gutted when I asked him!