Sunday, 31 July 2011

This a dress I designed. I cut up a picture of a plate for the print . I first tried the same concept out on photoshop with a photo of flowers that I had taken, but this shone out over the original design.

Bed Sheet Shirt

I purchased a pair of low  crotch Jean / Jeggins from Zara, Don't know if I'm that keen on the low crotch vibe. I might take the crouch in so they are more like normal jeans. Anyway when I got back from my day out in Chania I threw my jeans on the bed they landed next to my bed sheet. When I came back in the room I thought the bed sheet and the jeans make a great combo. I wanted to steal the sheet to make a shirt out of it , but as my mum had rented the house out for me and brother and sister and had vouched for us to the owner. I felt it would be really bad for her if I stole the sheet. I found it strange that the place had floral sheet's which was unusual for Greece  ...
 Anyway years ago me and my sister did a photo shoot on a polaroid and  we had arranged to do another photo shoot as we were out in Greece for our mothers 60th. The sheet had inspired this outrageous clashing pattern granny look, also looking through Dazed and Confused and other fashion mag's I have noticed the stylist using shirts to look like trousers and layering items to resemble other items of clothing.. so this is the look I produced from bed sheets and pillow cases.

I call it the Albanian Grandmother look !!

Crazy Paisley shirt from Topman, Shoes Zara, Sheets and pillow case from the apartment..

Just after this was taken I was just about to jump down on the the street and a car full of greek woman came past and they all burst out laughing !! It must of been a shock for them.

The Greek Goddess Look!!

Wedges Again!!


This old lady was even sporting a pair!!

Papt Street Style... Wedges Big In Greece

Papt on the street in Chania, Crete, Greece 
All the girls in Chania were wearing wedged heals, seamed to be all the rage out there.

Zara Crete, Greece, Shoe Style's

Zara Chania Crete: I quickly took these photo's before I was told to delete what I had taken. I deleted the last one I had took and the shop assistant was happy . little did she know I taken more before she had spotted me!!

Chania Street Style

Jazz: Looking stunning as ever . Don't think these shot's justify how good she actually looked. I was a bit annoyed I took so many and they didn't come out that well. I seen Jazz from across the street and didn't realise it was her . I was just about to ask her can  I  take a photo of her then I realised. Jazz has featured on the blog before, she was one of the first shot's I took.

I went to a dinner party round at my friends the evening these photo's were taken. My friend was going through the photo's on his computer and his house mate seen them through the window and she asked if I was taking photo's for babe'

Alice England: Is a fashion designer who is based in Brighton check out some of her stuff on . I really like the gray blazer with black spots, if the shoulder's weren't pointy I would wear it myself. She recently moved from London. She was on her way to a interview when I stopped her. I hope me stoping her gave her a confidence boost to get the job.

Poppy: Bag Muberry make sure you get that in there!! Skirt Topshop, Boob Tube H&M, Crochet waistcoat Urban Outfitters. Wedged heals H&M

I seen Poppy again down the street after I had taken the first two pictures of her, so I asked her where all her clothes were from. She replied I'm all high street. I thought some of her stuff was retro but it wasn't. Though she was very proud of having a Mulberry bag. She said ' the bag is from Mulberry, make sure you get that in there'

Leopard Print Street Style

Skyla: Dress from Rare, Boots Asos
I actually didn't need to ask where she had got the boot's from, shows I'm getting good at spotting brands. Leopard print never seams to go out of fashion. I love Skyla improvised tyed belt, stylin!!

Brighton Vintage Street Style

Thursday, 28 July 2011

This is my sister who  is looking as glamorous as ever. I meet her for a drink at Shordich House ( It was my first visit there, but I could picture myself  drinking chilli and passion fruit cocktails there more often. My sister was wearing Kurt Geiger heel's. also I was waering my new  blue suade moccasins that I had purchased from Kurt Geiger in the sale for £75. I had had my eyes on them for ages But couldn't justify £95 on shoes I would wear out really quick because of the thin leather sole's .What is it with me and my love affair for thin leather sole's, they look amazing but don't last. I need to be rich so I can keep on replacing them. Pictured below.

I really like the way her shoes and the colour of her skin seem to go with her skirt!

Street art on Brick lane don't know who the artist  is,if any body knows let me know. Think this is really cool love the shadow. It's so small but but makes a really big impact. Whoever did it good work!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I was meaning to put these shot's up that I papped whilst driving through Dalston with a freind. Don't worry I wasn't driving my friend was!! Yesterday I was looking through The Sartorialist and seen he had put pictures of up of a lady in Milan on a shopping bike. I was a bit gutted to see them, even though they are amazing. I thought everybody will think I am just copying him , which is high unlikely considering I have only 2 folllowers .

Straw hats are such a great summer accessory, they protect you from the elements whilst making you look cool and feel cooler. It conjures up images of a lady in the 1920's, strolling through the countryside with her straw hat on . At the same time it still retains that chic look, especially the way this lady has has teamed it up with a pink chiffon top.

This is a image I found in a junk shop. It sort of portrays the images I was conjuring up of the lady in the countryside.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

She said good luck in way that she thinks the blog isn't going to go anywhere, she will be right if I don't keep up the quality control!

                                    Dress and jacket from her mother's wardrobe