Monday, 1 August 2011

Models From Paris...

Two models from Paris!! Rebecca has got such a simple style but at the same time it looks so glamorous. I think it's art form to carry off a sweater with rolled up sleeves with such execution. The accessories take this outfit to another level, contemporary bow earrings and the chains and wristband .Her use of block colour the pink nails, the green sweater,  the blue bow earrings all work in unison, they are also very fashionable. Definitely a fashionista. I love the way she is using her i-phone as a mirror..

Real Rayban's .. I've got the same pair, good choice the tortoise shell Wayfarer ray bans. 

Shirt second hand. He get's his clothes from all round Camden. I love his expression on this, he was laughing so much cause he had been stopped for his style!!

Rub On Da Det!!