Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tori: Blazer H&M I think, T-shirt Topshop, Pants Urban Outfitters . Scarf  stole from her Granny, Bag also stolen fom her other Granny. She said  she doesn't just steal of one Granny she steals off them both. Good work!! Keep it up, its a great way to accessorize, and a cheap way to complete a outfit also adding a bit off Granny chic. I shouldn't promote stealing but have to love it in this case!

Tori is taking a year out. She has just finished her A-Levels at Bhasvic College Brighton. She is currently a lady of leisure. She is funding her style by stealing off her Grannies! She wants to be a stylist, I think she will go far. Love the outfit! What do you think ?

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