Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday Street Style

Rebecca: Blouse from a charity shop in Eastbourne, Denim hot pants from a shop in Brighton on the corner of Sydney Street she couldn't remember the name but she said she was going there in a sec. Boots from Asos.

Rebecca caught my eye because her glasses reminded me of Becky's, also I was loving her blouse. I have only just started taking pictures of people in the street. I have been thinking of doing a blog called for a while. Then when my sister sent me a link of which I have been obsessed with.  I thought I have got to do my own blog and call it walkinthewalkinwardrobe.Well I wanted to call it WALKIN WARDROBE after moving into my current flat which has a walkin wardrobe in my room. Hence walkinthewalkinwardrobe. Well anyway back to the story of meeting Rebecca. This is the second person I have been taking a photograph of and then there boyfriend walks out of the shop and gives me that look like why the hell are you taking pictures of my girlfriend. This time I was taking a picture of her boots even weirder, he must of thought I have a foot feetish. I said to Rebecca thanks alot and he was still giving me the strangest looks. If you are reading this Rebecca thanks alot for your time and I hope your boyfriend doesn't think I have a foot fetish. I am simply photo documenting Brighton Street Style.

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